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When it comes to CRM software, many companies consider Microsoft Dynamics to be the cream of the crop. It’s so useful and it has helped many businesses to become more efficient. This tool can also be incredibly beneficial in the not-for-profit sector. Read on to explore the benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the not-for-profit sector so that you can make a decision for yourself. 

Bringing Departments Together with One System

One of the best reasons to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM is that it can bring multiple departments together with one system. You’ll be able to handle all of your interactions in one place. It makes things very practical whether you’re operating a smaller company or a large one.

Managing Grants

Managing grants is something that the not-for-profit sector has to do all the time. Microsoft Dynamic CRM is an excellent tool for managing grants and it will make things much more efficient. It’s possible to set up recurrences that will remind users to reapply for grants or to renew them. It’s even nuanced enough so that you can notify a select few of these recurrences or you can have the whole team notified. 

Saving Money

Many not-for-profit companies have to keep a close eye on costs due to the nature of what they’re doing. It’s possible to use Microsoft Dynamic CRM to keep costs as low as possible. The licenses for this software are extremely affordable and it makes sense to take advantage of this to improve your overall efficiency. 

Managing Volunteers and Donors

Managing volunteers and donors is even simpler when you’re using this CRM software. This software can make connecting with volunteers and donors a lot easier than it would otherwise be. You can also build connections while raising awareness for what you’re doing. This CRM software has proven to be a useful tool for fundraising and increasing volunteerism. 

Configuration Options

It’s also worth noting that Microsoft Dynamic CRM can be molded to suit your needs better. There are great configuration options that you will be able to use to your advantage. You will be able to set things up just how you’re envisioning it if you use the CRM software in the right way. Take the time to learn about Microsoft Dynamic CRM today so that you can start growing your not-for-profit company.